Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible Study

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Bible Study at Church of the Holy Family

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible, but don’t not know where or how to begin?  Or, have you read the bible but wish you knew the bible even better?

Please consider joining one of Holy Family’s Bible Study groups.

Whether you are very familiar with the bible or never read the bible at all, we expect that you will find our bible studies both interesting and informative.

Holy family offers both day and evening bible study classes.  Both of these classes are part of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study Series, a uniquely Catholic bible study created by Jeff Cavins, a renowned bible teacher and evangelist.

The bible classes themselves consist of DVD presentations, small group discussions and home study.

We know that these classes will make your bible reading and even the Sunday Mass readings come alive like never before, and we encourage you to contact one of the following bible study leaders:

Daytime Bible Study:

Contact:Joanne Cassidy – 856.227.2686

Evening Bible Study:

Contact: Frank McAleer

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