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Staff and Procedural changes

“Dear Parishioners, As we move forward into a new year I wanted to keep you posted on some staff and procedural changes. The first is that Mrs. Linda Johansson has been promoted to be Holy Family’s Business Manager. Please keep her in prayer as she ventures into her new role.[…]

Keep Watch Good Soldier

In all branches of our armed forces two very important rules apply to a soldier on watch,) one a soldier is not to leave his post until properly relieved, and two) he is to be diligent and observant as he is on watch. There is one very important reason for[…]

Christ the King of the Universe

The right to rule and govern, to judge or offer pardon, belongs to the King, when it comes to eternal rule and judgment that belongs to the King of kings alone. Today we celebrate The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. It is not just a[…]

New Ministry: Technology Ministry

Holy Family Parish is looking for volunteers to begin a “Technology Ministry.” We are looking for persons, aged 18 and older who have Technical, Video, Audio, Web, and Photography/Photoshop skills. Share your talents in this vital ministry as it is an important means of communication to our parishioners and the community[…]

Are You Ready?

For all intents and purposes Ordinary Time in the Church ends this week with this week being the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. I know there is an in between week, next week – Jesus King of the Universe before the 1st Sunday in Advent. Hard to believe that we[…]

National Vocation Awareness Week

(Bishop Dennis Sullivan and Fr. Michael Romano, Director of Vocations, are pictured with seminarians) A few weeks ago we had our presbyteral convocation, an annual meeting of all the priests in the diocese. I always look forward to it since I don’t always get to see my brother priests, so[…]

Good Stewards Remember the Cross

Tonight after our 6pm evening mass we will burn our pledge cards which we took last week, prayed about, and made a commitment to God to take seriously our roles as stewards of our Parish and the Church at large. Today’s Gospel reminds us of stewardship when Jesus spells out[…]

Called by God to Serve Him & Others

In the Fall of 2014, Holy Family will have come full circle in the three year cycle of stewardship themes. The faithful will be invited to reflect on the return that they make to the Lord in supporting the work of our parish and Church, The Body of Christ. We[…]

November: Month of All Souls

NOVEMBER, THE MONTH OF ALL SOULS In the tradition of the Catholic Church, the month of November is set aside for the remembrance of All Souls. The names of loved ones who have preceded us in life and faith will be placed on the altar and remembered at all Masses[…]

We Should Long to be with Christ

Is anyone ever truly ready to let go of this life? Even St. Paul shares with us from his letter to the Philippians, “For to me life is Christ, and death is gain. If I go on living in the flesh, that means fruitful labor for me. And I do[…]

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