2-26-17 Evangelization and Stewardship, Update

2-26-17 Evangelization and Stewardship, Update

Please Note•. Due to a scheduling conflict The Evangelization and Stewardship Meeting for this Tuesday 2/28 7pm has been moved to Wednesday March 15th at 7pm (Upper Room in the offices). Apologies for any inconvenience, please contact Fr John or the main office if you can attend. God bless you, Fr John


Dear Parishioners,

We are attempting to form a new ministry, “Evangelization and Stewardship.”  We are looking for members who are interested in Evangelization, spreading the Word of God in action and word to others and in taking on the responsibility of being good stewards of our parish.  We are planning on putting together a three-year cycle which will be as follows.

Year 1   Forming Disciples in our Parish coupled with the theme of “Time” for Stewardship

Our primary goal is to evangelize those who are here with us every week, to help them become informed disciples

Year 2   Going out to those parishioners that have not joined with us in worship for some time or who come very infrequently and to evangelize them coupled with the theme of “Treasure”

Our primary goal will to now go out to those families and share our faith with them and help them to become informed disciples.

Year 3   Going out to the entire community of our parish boundaries and sharing the love of Christ with all which will be coupled with the theme of “Talent.”

Our primary goal is to go out and bring the presence of Holy Family to the entire Washington Township Community and offering our service and prayers.

If you are interested please join us for a come and see gathering on Wednesday, March 15th at 7pm in the Parish Office-Upper Room.  See you there, God bless you for all you do for Holy Family, Fr. John

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