“Our Journey of Hope”

“Our Journey of Hope”

Are you , a family member, or friend struggling with cancer? You don’t have to suffer alone! Our Journey of Hope is a Cancer Care Ministry that provides practical support, home help care, courage, compassion and above all HOPE to every person in our community affected by cancer.  HOPE is a four letter word that is often so hard to maintain during life’s struggles, especially when battling cancer.  We all know someone affected by this devastating disease. We all know how cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, can take a toll on the human body. We all know that cancer affects so many more people than just the person diagnosed with it. What we don’t always know is when a cancer patient is losing hope. when battling cancer there are daily stumbles that must be overcome to maintain faith and hope.  Our Journey of Hope provides assistance through trained members of our parish.

Our Journey of Hope is brought to us from the Pastoral Care Department at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in collaboration with VITALity Catholic Healthcare Services. The goal of Our Journey of Hope is to provide prayer, counsel, visitations and practical care to those battling cancer, as well as their caregivers and loved ones. The practical care provided can include anything from helping with meals, light cleaning, household chores, conversation, prayer, or even transportation to doctor’s appointments. Above all else we are here to provide HOPE to those along their cancer path. The ministry is available to serve anyone affect by cancer including caregivers, family or friends. We are here to help you restore and keep your HOPE. If you fell you could benefit from Our Journey of Hope, please do not hesitate to call.

Contact :Michelle Jagielski at (856)228.1616 or email at HolyFamilyOJOH@gmail.com

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