Military Prayer Ministry

Military Prayer Ministry

Military Support Group

We know that freedom is really not free. Many sacrifices have been made and are continuing to be made by our military so that we may enjoy our freedom. Our Military Prayer Ministry supports our troops whether deployed or in the United States. Please help us say thank you to our brave heroes!

Prayer Ministry

If a member of your family or a friend is in the military, contact Mary at 589-1337 to have the name of your loved one added to our Military Prayer List in our weekly bulletin. The military person does not need to be deployed or be a member of Holy Family Parish.

Military Rosaries

These packets will include a handmade Rosary, our special thank you note for the sacrifices made for our freedom, a tri-fold booklet on How to Pray the Rosary, and a short military prayer for the military personnel to pray.

Military Prayer Squares

These squares of patriotic fabric have knots attached to the squares. The knots represent the prayers that have been said for the troops. As they carry the prayer squares in their pockets, the men and women can feel the knots and know that we are praying for them. Attached to this prayer square is a note thanking the troops for their sacrifices and their service. A military prayer is also included with the square. Any family wanting to personalize the prayer square may request that the strings be attached without being tied so the family/friends may tie the strings while saying their own personal prayers.

Thank You Cards

We assure the troops how much we appreciate their service and thank them for the sacrifices they are making for our freedom.

We usually meet on the first and third Thursdays of the month, schedule permitting.For more information on how to obtain a Rosary, a Prayer Square, a Thank You Card or Note, or to join us in our ministry, Contact: Mary Burns- 856.264.1192

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