Religious Education

Religious Education

Thank you for being a part of our family here at Holy Family Parish and for fulfilling the responsibility you assumed when you had your child or children baptized…that you would be “the first teachers of your children in the ways of the faith.”  Helping you to be the best teachers is the reason that Holy Family provides Religious Education Programs for your children.  We understand that life is demanding and that the religious education of your children competes with many other activities in your weekly schedule.  Please know that the first and most important religious education tool at your disposal is weekly celebration of Holy Mass and participation in the sacramental life of the Church.  When you look at the Ten Commandments you see that the first three have to do with God Himself – keeping God first in our lives; respecting his Holy Name; and keeping holy the Lord’s Day [by participation at Mass] – these are first because we are called to love God before anything else.  Our love for others and the things of the world flows from our love for God.

In an effort to provide for the various needs of our families Holy Family has created a variety of ways for parents to be supported in teaching the faith to their children.  A link to our Religious Education Class form for 2019 – 2020 can be found below:

Scheduled class times contingent on teacher recruitment
Bethlehem Academy Sundays 9-9:55 am Grades 1-8
Grade 7-8 Class size limited
Jerusalem Academy Thursdays 8 am-9:10 am Grades 1-5
Christ Academy: Monday weekly Grades 1-6 5 pm-6:15 pm
Hearts of Fire Mondays 5-6:15 pm Grades 7-8
Wednesdays 6-7:15 pm Grades 7-8
Sundays 9-9:55 am Grades 7-8 traditional class
Nazareth Academy (home school option) Grades 1-8 Sundays 1/month 9-9:55 am
Diocesan regulations require 6 Intergenerational “Stay Connected” activities. See below.
Saints Academy Summer Sessions: Diocesan regulations require 35 hours of instruction and 6 Intergenerational “Stay Connected” activities. See below. Requires attendance every day, all day. Full tuition required. Class size limited.
June 24-28 Grades 1-8 8 am-3 pm
August 5-9 Grades 1-8 8 am-3 pm
Required for Summer and Nazareth Academy in accordance with the guidelines stated by the Diocese of Camden. (All students, regardless of class, are welcome at the activities).
Must complete 6 activities by April 1. Please submit at least a partial list of activities with your next year registration which holds your seat until April 1. Full list of activities must be submitted by April 1. (Activities will be listed monthly):
3 Service Activities connected with Holy Family Parish
3 Faith based Activities connected with Holy Family Parish


Hearts of Fire  Wednesdays 6-7 pm  Grades 7-8    Optional community pizza party 5:30 pm

Mondays 4:30-5:30 pm Grades 7-8


Nazareth Academy (home school option)  Grades 1-8   Sundays 1/month   9-9:55 am

Diocesan regulations require 6 Intergenerational “Stay Connected” activities.  See below

Saints Academy Summer Sessions:  Diocesan regulations require 35 hours instruction and 6 Intergenerational “Stay Connected” activities.  See below.    Requires attendance every day, all day.  Full tuition required.  Class size limited.

June 25-29  Grades 1-8  8 am-3 pm

August 6-10   Grades 1-8  8 am-3 pm

For more information on any of our Religious Education programs

contact Julie LaRosa at 856.228.2215 or

via email at 

Click link below to print a registration form.

R. E. Registration 2019-2020

                                            2019-20 Pre-School Registration

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