The DBA Holy Family SVDP Conference would like to thank our fellow parishioners for your ongoing support as stewards of your financial contributions. We would like to particularly thank you for your generosity when there are collections for us at Mass, for your offerings made to us during Holy Family’s Lenten Retreat, and for your food donations throughout the year and on Faithfull Weekend.

 To let you know a little about what we do, during our October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022 fiscal year, we donated $34,294 towards the rent, mortgage, water, and utility bills of parishioners or Township residents; and we assisted other diocesan, national, and international conferences who needed help financially.

We gave out $14,870 worth of food throughout the year. This includes our Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Food distributions to residents of Township and the surrounding area; food given to township families who also requested help with bills; extra foodstuffs given to St. Charles Borromeo, Mother’s Cupboard, and Camden; and food given monthly to walk-ins at the Church Office.

During the October1, 2021 to September 30, 2022 fiscal year, we also distributed 306 Shoe Boxes filled with approximately $6,120 worth of personal items to soup kitchens in Bridgeton and Vineland.

 We cannot do what we do without you. If you know a parishioner or Township resident who needs financial or food assistance, have them call the Church Office at 856-228-1616 and ask to speak to someone from St. Vincent de Paul. They will be contacted by phone. Remember, we offer a confidential helping hand, not a handout.

Thank you again and God bless.

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