Cathedral Pantry

Cathedral Pantry

The Cathedral Pantry is a lunch program sponsored by the Oblates of St. Francis deSales at the Cathedral in Camden.  There are many volunteers who serve the lunches: students from Salesian High Schools, students from colleges from many states, men and women from Camden Diocesan parishes and one staff member of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral office.  Parishes from the Diocese supply some sandwiches. Local super markets and bakeries supply lunch meat, bread, peanut butter, jelly, fruit and vegetables that they can no longer use.  During the winter soup is made from the vegetables and canned goods that are donated.  Each day work begins at 9 am and the window of distribution opens at 10 am and closes at noon.  From 300 to 400 men, women and children come for a brown bag containing a sandwich, fruit and a pastry.  During the winter  hats, gloves, scarves and coats are given from donations made.   The next meal of the day is offered by the Cathedral Kitchen which serves dinner.

How to participate:

  1. Any type of sandwich bread is accepted.
    1. peanut butter and jelly sandwich: lightly cover both sides of the bread with peanut butter and then put the jelly in-between.
    2. meat and cheese sandwich: do not use mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce/tomatoes.
  2. Make sandwich, then enclose it in a baggie.  Put all sandwiches back into the bread sleeve.
  3. Sandwiches are to be dropped off in boxes located in the greeting area of the church before 9:30 am on Wednesday.

Contact: Ginny Licata

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